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Your opinion is important to us.  Please feel free to submit comments about any story appearing in our newspaper or anything happening in our community.  We reserve the right to delete any comment from the forum, and will block members from commenting if necessary. No slanderous, libelous or malicious entries will be tolerated.


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Submitted By: Johnny ArringtonSubmitted: 2/28/2011
In the February 18,2011 Court news, A realestate transfer was listed between Jane Sanders and Helen Sanders "several acres". I did not know that dead people could sell property. Jane Sanders was my greatgrand mother,she died in 1955. Helen Sanders was my cousin, she died in 2010. I think that this land transfere should be investigated. Johnny Arrington

Submitted By: kaneSubmitted: 1/10/2012
I am wondering whether your newspaper wrote a story about the two beautiful dogs killed on Christmas day by Keith A Pate, plunging his neighbors and much of the country into shock and horrified despair. Is this a normal occurance in your community? People feel they have a right to know so they can make plans to avoid coming thru your community. The behavior of the deputy on duty that day sounds so callous and just plain wrong that it makes Scrooge seem like Santa. Have you any plans to follow up on this story and report what if any legal action is taken against the perpetrator? Sounds like this is not a very friendly or non violent person, and people just want to know how the rest of the community views this behavior and this kind of person. One dog was on the county road when it was shot and killed according to reports and some eye witnesses. These were young house dogs, family pets surely not given to excessive roaming and destruction. Is there ANY accuracy or fairness of reporting coming out about this incident? Thank you

Submitted By: KeithSubmitted: 1/13/2012
I would like your readers to know they are being seriously misinformed about the circumstances about the dogs being shot. The owner submited out of date pictures to Ch. 14. What I saw were large dogs killing, not just chasing the chickens for the third time in as many weeks. I and the dogcatcher had been trying to find these dogs for that long too. We wanted to find the owner and prevent what haappened, but could not catch them. The dogs had been roaming the countryside for who knows how long. Also, there was an investigation and the Sherriff's officer did everything he could do for the owner. The officer, who was called by me, is someone I know, but not my "buddy". I did not know which officer would respond. There was an unruly crowd gathered and he conducted himself better than most would have. The owner has changed his story several times. First he said they bolted from his garage and he went after them. Then he said a neighbor came by his house and informed him his dog may be in my yard. There have been many more untrue things said and I want to let you know I am not a monster that gets pleasure from killing anything. The stray dog problem is so bad in this area that another persons dogs killed and ate a deer practally in my front yard on Jan. 2nd. As for the letter from the woman with the petition, I contacted her and asked her why if she had been gathering facts about this, why had she not contacted me because her letter had the same misinformation. She informed me that she got her info. from the owner which is one sided. She never even tried to get my side. The petition is not accurate at all. When she started on the "good ole boy" stuff, I told her to have a good day and ended our talk. People just need to learn to supervise their dogs if they care about them at all. Nobody has anything to fear from me, but these dogs running loose could hurt someone. I also hear that a person is pretending to be me on another message site saying things just to keep me looking like I get pleasure from thing like this. Let me assure you you have nothing to fear from me unless I am protecting what is mine and it is not me on this other site. What is sad is it is not the dogs fault, but rather the owners. - Keith Pate

Submitted By: Keith PateSubmitted: 1/13/2012
In response to all who have been reading and commenting on the shooting of the dogs. There is much mis-information being repeated. To start with, there were no puppies involved that I could tell. I had to deal with what appeared to me as two large dogs that were not just chasing but killling chickens in my back yard for the third time in as many weeks. The dogs owner put out of date pictures out to make me look like some kind of monster. The dogcatcher and I had been looking for these dogs or their owners to prevent what happened for weeks. The dogs had been roaming the country side for that long. The whole thing happened in my yard and not in the road or across the road. One did not fall right away and walked across the road and fell. People are making it sound as if I enjoy this kind of thing, which could not be farther from the truth. It was bad timing, but the dogs did not know this. The owner first stated he opened the garage door and the dogs escaped with him in pursuit. Later he said a neighbor came to his house and told him his dog may be in my yard. Which was it? There are many more misleading statements. I called the lady that wrote the letter stating she had spent hours researching the situation and asked why she had not contacted me and where she got her "Facts". She responded from the dogs owners. They are very one sided and made just to make me look like a monster and enjoy killing pets which could not be farther from the truth. I ended the conservation when she started the "good ole boy" stuff. There was an investigation and the officer did better than most would have with the unruly crowd that had gathered. I did not know which officer would respond when I called the police. It has been said he was my "buddy". I knew who he was but that is all. He did a good job from what I know , and not because he found I broke no laws. As I said he was dealing with an unruly crowd of at least 10 people and probably more. He questioned me in a professional way an learned the facts but the dogs owner could not accept that. I am truly sorry because it is the owners fault and not the dogs. People, you have nothing to fear from me but the stray dog problem in this area is so bad a person could be attacked by them. On Jan. 2 two dogs killed a deer practicley in my front yard and were feeding on it while it was still alive for a while. If people really care they would supervise their pets and not let them roam a mile from their home, which is where I learned these belonged. On Drunk Drive, which is what he calls his driveway if I'm not mistaken. I have never met these people, and don't want to after they continue to slander me still and spread their false information. Also, someone has been on another sites forum posing as me an saying things just to keep it fired up and going. Please keep your pets under supervision. I am not what they are trying to make me out to be. - Keith Pate

Submitted By: John walkerSubmitted: 1/16/2012
Keith Pate you should be ashamed of yourself. I have the puppy's Akc papers showing she was 4 months 13 days old. Looking for the owner? Well, I'm around the curve. Every neighbor on the road knows whose pup and dog that was. All you had to do is ask. You didn't mention the other dogs, (pets) you have killed instead you have attacked our story saying it has changed? Our story has never changed. People have written things without talking to us, that's not on us. You killed two members of our family, you have never called and said hey sorry or anything, you are a wicked and evil man. As for the strays running around, we feed them. We have found many to be lost and took the time to find there homes. We did't kill them. More birds have been killed in the road by your house by vehicles, than any dog ever killed. You just got caught.....

Submitted By: Jennie DuFour BootheSubmitted: 1/17/2012
Let me begin, by saying Hancock County is a sportsperson paradise. There is always some form of sports recreation available for the young men, women and children. However, when I enrolled my grandson in the local youth basketball program, I did so, so he could learn the fundamentals pf the game. When I attend the games, I am disappointed to watch what appears not to be young people learning and enjoying a game, but children taught do whatever it takes to win. I could have sent him to the west end in Louisville for that. I mean if all you are there for is down and dirty street ball, then I wasted my money. My grandson, has an excellent coach, he leads by example and square dealing, he teaches the game and if they were all like that, these kids could have fun. At the last game, my grandson was fouled by a young man trying to make a shot. He was painfully elbowed in the stomach. I feel that they young man in question had been taught that by coaches as a way to get the defender off of you to make a shot. The foul was not called. However, when something was said, by my son-in-law, to me, the referee that day, overheard it and proceeded to act like a spoiled little girl, because he felt as if he had been insulted. He stated everyone there are volunteers and caused embrassment to me, my son-in-law and most of all himself. Well just because you are a volunteer does not mean you have the right to do a poor job at the task you are given. I am sorry, if my grandson is hurt and I see it I am going to say something. Every other parent there is always calling violations or fouls they see. He chose to talk to my son-in-law in a rude and offensive manner. I recently learned, he maybe the one who heads up this youth basketball league, shame on him for the example he is setting.

Submitted By: Tabetha WittSubmitted: 2/29/2012
Hello, I am a single mother working at the Cannelton Hydroelectric Project In Hawesville, ky near Domtar Paper Mill and my son (He is 5 years old) and I (I'm 24) are looking for a 2 or 3 bedroom home to rent or purchase on contract. We would like to live near Lewisport or Maceo or somewhere near there. Can anyone PLEASE help us out, we cant find anything but apartments to rent here. Any help or info would be great! Thanks in advance!!! If you do know of anything, please call me at 270.316.0320

Submitted By: Ronica JarboeSubmitted: 4/12/2012
The Tell City Band Boosters will be having an auction to help with fundraising efforts for the marching band. April 21st, 2012 Doors open at 8:30 a.m Silent auction 8:30-10:30 a.m Auction begins at 10:30 a.m

Submitted By: AmandaSubmitted: 6/10/2012
Found: black and white female cat at Hancock County Fish and Game. If she might be yours please email me at

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