Friday, August 22, 2014
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Going home again: A great office is a key to success for new home-based workers
Ready to start working from home? Here are key considerations for setting up a productivity-inspiring home office.
Growing your business: Tips for applying for small business loans
The outlook for small business is up with many business owners feeling good about the future of the economy, their financial positions and their plans for growth.
How workplace flexibility works for your business
Flexible working options can help your business increase productivity, retain employees and improve morale. Find out how.
Establishing a 401(k) at your small business is easier than you think - and helps employees save for the long-term
Interested in adding or improving the 401(k) plan for your small business? Find out how.
5 things you can't forget when you're catering on the go
Find out what it takes to provide great food to your customers while on location.
Commercial ventilation systems 101: What every restaurant kitchen needs
Employee engagement is the secret for small businesses to stay productive and make money
Having engaged employees in your business can lead to better employee performance and higher profits for the company.
Learn why 3D printing may not be a viable alternative for stamping and machining
Think 3D printing is the answer for your next project? Not so fast. Learn some of the shortcomings of this technology.
From battlefield to boardroom ... jobs report suggests more positive employment environment for military veterans
Employment opportunities seem to be on the upswing for military veterans, which is encouraging for the hundreds of thousands of service members returning from duty who are looking for new civilian career opportunities.
How to maximize your tax benefits from charitable gifts
Find out how to get the best tax benefits when you give.
Librarians: unsung heroes of the digital age
Learn why librarians are more important than ever in the digital age.
When freedom rings: top tips to help launch your own business
Interested in launching your own business? Learn the tips of the trade here.
Expert help - not low prices - key to higher sales, more satisfied customers
Shoppers become buyers when they get expert help and great service, not just when prices are low, study shows.
The self-employment surge and how professionals can best prepare
Learn what you need to do to accomplish your goals in an ever-changing marketplace.
Overlooking insurance during your job search could cost you
Learn why asking the right insurance questions may be the most important part of your job search.
4 ways military service members can better manage their move
The military gives individuals and families the opportunity to explore the world, but that exploration often requires frequent moving. Assistance is available to make moving easier.
Dress for success: tips for building a professional wardrobe
Whether you are a recent grad or someone re-entering a professional work environment, building a work wardrobe that strikes a balance between professionalism and personal style is key.
Addressing a new era in security: how to protect your business from the inside out
Small businesses aren't safe from cyber criminals. Learn how to protect your small business from physical and digital threats.
Giving back to the everyday heroes who inspire you
The field of public service is broad, offering more opportunities than ever for career growth and meaningful life's work.
Tips to successfully transform from graduate to employee
The job market is more competitive than ever. Learn how to get the edge and move from graduate to employee with these tips.
5 ways for borrowers to keep their cool in a warming mortgage market
The housing marketing is heating up. Find out what you need before you apply for a loan.
How to communicate in today's digital era [Infographic]
Read more about the new rules communicators must learn to be effective in today's digital era.
How small and medium-sized businesses can stay competitive with larger companies
Some of the latest changes in technology are making it easier for employees to connect with clients and conduct business, which makes it easier for small and medium-sized businesses to compete against larger companies.
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